Water-less Steam


Important note- Most of the vegetables are done when the thermometer on your Euro Cucina cookware lid indicates 70° Celsius.

This process meant to be done with almost no water on the surface of the pots or skillet with the cover on. It is the most simple and innovating option. It will help you to get your food done in no time keeping the nutrients and amazing natural flavors of your vegetables or others. All kind of vegetables can be perfectly cooked with this system.

Note. It is very important to fill up the cookware of your choice to half or full. Never place too little of vegetables in the cookware. They will burn due to intense heat and insufficient moister. Euro Cucina Cookware provides different cookware sizes can do the job according the amount of food you need to prepare. See steamer basket recommendation for other options.

To begin the steaming cooking follow these recommendations:

Pre-heat your cookware over Med heat for 2 minutes.

Once you cookware reach the right temperature place your vegetables inside the cookware of your choice. It is recommended for better result to cut large pieces into small.

If you like add 2 or 3 table spoon of water and cover the cookware.

Never peek into the cookware or lift up the cover during the cooking process. You will lose great amount of heat and moister.

Wait until the thermometer reads 30° to 40° Celsius.

Gently spin the cover to create a water seal.

Reduce the heat or flame to “Low.”

Let it cook for 10 minutes max or when you see the thermometer reads 60° to 70° Celsius and then turn off the flame or heat.

We recommend letting your food rest for no more than 3 minutes. This process will increase better taste and tenderness of your food.

 After that just enjoy your healthy food. You will be amaze with the results.

Steam Basket

To steam, place your food into the steamer basket; and add sufficient water into a medium size pot.

This is great for sausage, hot dog bun, big amount of vegetables and melting or defrosting food.

Put the steamer basket into the pot.

Cover it with the cover “or” you can use your Euro Cucina mixing bowl as a cover and then add the cover on top. (See Multifunctional recommendations.)

Create a Water Seal. Cook on medium heat until you see steam coming out from your cookware. Then gently try to spin the cover. The water seal has formed when the cover spins freely.

Once the water seal has formed, reduce heat to the low setting and finish cooking.

Resist the urge to peek. When the cover is removed during the cooking period, heat and moisture are allowed to escape and the water seal is broken.

Boil the water until your Euro Cucina thermometer reads 60° to 80° degrees Celsius …and you will see that your food will be ready in no time!

To steam hot dogs bun just place the seal bag of buns into the steamer basket and complete the process as is indicated for steaming.

Compared to the traditional methods of steaming, Euro Cucina cookware is engineer designed to enhance and conserve the natural flavors and nutrients of your food. This is ideal for preparing vegetables, fish and other courses.



For this process you need three items of your Euro Cucina Cookware. The 20 cm covered pot, your steamer basket and your mixing bowl.

Add sufficient water, about ¼ full. Then place the steamer basket and on top of it the mixing bowl with the cover on too.

Heat the water until vapor comes out from the sides of the put.

Place the food you want to melt. It can be chess or chocolate for example.

Put the cover on. This will help your food to melt faster.

Follow your cooking instruction for different type of food.

Check on the “Multi functional” link for more tips about how to use this technique.