Always use the size of burner that most closely corresponds to the bottom of your Euro Cucina cookware.  When cooking on a gas range, the flame should not exceed  the side of the cookware bottom rim.

For fast and more efficient control of the time and temperature of your cooking process preheat your Euro Cucina cookware over med/high flame or heat for at least 2 minutes with the Euro Cucina cookware lid on.

Once the thermometer indicates 30° Celsius temperature reduce the temperature, flame or heat to med/low.

Once is done add the ingredients.

Always check the temperature thermometer on your Euro Cucina cookware cover. Remember the Euro Cucina cookware thermometer indicates temperature in Celsius.

Remember, all our products have been designed to hold heat and natural moisture for a long duration so your food will be ready in half the time and without the need of reheating it.

Avoid the use of metal kitchen tools during and after your cooking. Sharp-edged tools on the stainless steel surface will cause scratching.


To fry most meats without oil; simply preheat the cookware on medium/ high for at least 2 minutes. When the cookware has reached the right temperature a drop of water on the cooking surface will scatter instead of evaporate.

This is when you know that your cookware has reached the right temperature for fry. Reduce the temperature or heat to med/low. Place the meat in the cooking surface and press it down to maximize the contact with the cookware.

Partially cover the cookware. At first the food will stick to the surface during the stirring process. It is normal. But then after 3 minutes the meat will begin to release.

During the stir do not complete cover the cookware if you want the meat to get brown. Then reduce heat to low put the lid on until fully cooked at the 80° Celsius. Once it is done turn of the heat and let the meat rest and make it juicer. It all depended on how well-done you want your meat. For more detail click on “frying” link.


For water-less system just preheat your cookware for 2 minutes over med/high heat or flame, then add your vegetables and two or three spoons of water, place the lid on the cookware, reduce the heat to med/low and let them cook for 10 minutes or until reach the thermometer reads 60° to 70° Celsius.

It is strongly recommended to avoid peeking into the cookware or lifting up the cover during the cooking process. Also after the ten minutes cooking or reach right temperature, let your vegetables rest for at least 2 minutes. This process will help your vegetable enrich in flavor.

To sauté your vegetables, such as onions, high in natural moisture or oils, follow the processes of preheat your cookware. Then add little or no oil. For your vegetables with little natural moisture or oils, like carrots and broccoli just add a little of oil on your cooking. The secret is to start over medium heat and reduce to low heat for best results. By following these steps, you can enjoy healthier and nutritious meals.

Remember your Euro Cucina cookware covers are very important. Always use them before, during and after your cooking. You should also be able to cook using less fat and oil due to the even heat distribution of our cookware.